Why you should choose Android Tablet

In this age of information technology Android Tablet is a common device, not to mention his more famous little brother Smartphone. In the early years of tablet, all well-known brands and even small brands create the tablet version, they do it to stay competitive and popular in the market or else they are kicked out of market with “incompatible” label on them. Fortunately the problem is solved by now.

The Android Tablets recently are more like a computer, but in a different size, the screen, and keyboard. All of them are squeezed in to a single piece of device that is convenient enough to be inserted in the bag, plus tablet is light weighted and takes less space. Tablet is equipped with wifi by default; it’s giving you the ability to ‘online’ anywhere with ease. Manufacturers are constantly asking what the user wants, so they know how to make user more comfortable and attract new users.

Like stated above, Android Tablet is a computer that made to be a more comfortable device to use. Its simple design allows it to be held in hands, placed on the table or even placed it on your lap. Tablet has the convenience that typical computer or laptop doesn’t. Tablet does not need any special care for the storage and the environment for them. Common bags, car dashboard or even car seat back is okay, tablet can be placed anywhere. The other advantage is the light weight and portability, which makes the wide range of people, can use it, a student, a housewife, or a businessman.

Unlike any typical computers, tablet has sensitive and smart touch screen system. The smart touch screen system allowed handwriting recognition on tablet. The handwriting feature is useful when a designer or artist comes across certain idea and want to keep them in note as quick as possible, when in need, tablet screen is available. They can make a simple note, just to keep an idea they found. Writers and columnist need it when they want to keep the main idea quickly and do not want to type.