What is Literacy Mission?

    An illiterate person was considered to be in the lower caste community during the good old days. The knowledge use to be limited to only certain community of upper caste people. In those days the flow of knowledge was very restrictive and never use to get down to everybody because of barriers of caste and creed. The knowledge was considered to be the property of the only upper caste people only. But today the things have changed. Caste barriers do not restrict the flow of knowledge. However, other social and economical factors are ruling the nationwide flow of knowledge. Let a common man think above all these barriers and come to a conclusion that literacy must not be compromised at any cost.

Literacy Mission

    There are many great institutions in our country which are imparting the knowledge of very high standards. The cream of talented persons in the outcome of these fine institutions. But this talent is not utilized towards the progress of the country because of the brain drain to other developed nations. There are many reasons for this brain drain. Mean reason being the lack of resources in the country and glitter of money on the other side is causing the brain drain. But now as the country is emerging out to be the information technology superpower, the reverse brain drain has been active. It is a matter of great pride for our country to attain this new height where-in we are able to utilize our own trained manpower revolution.

     In the end I would like to conclude by saying that the country is presently encompassed with all sorts of genuine problem. The priority should be set to attack all the problem efficiently and with utmost care so that reversal of the problem should not surround us once again and we waste lot of time and efforts in eradicating the same. Illiteracy in my opinion is one of the major issue and is considered to be the root cause of other problems, which have entangled. To uproot the dragon of literacy we have to ensure that our education system should be made strong and dynamic. The main emphasis is to be given on building up the primary education network spread across throughout the country. No one should remain untouched from the light of knowledge. The education system should ensure that the knowledge is free and affordable to each one of us. At the same time the quality and standard of the education should not be compromised at any cost. Thus I would like to emphasize that with the spread of literacy the knowledge revolution will become a dream turning into reality.

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