There are Top 4 Exercise Machines For Abs:

1. The Ab Wheel

The Ab Wheel is an ideal choice to tone abdominal, shoulder and back muscles. The Ab Wheel is actually made with two non-skid wheels designed to improve stability. The hand grips are covered in a special material to prevent any slipping while using the product. The Ab Wheel should be used in a gliding motion while standing on all fours. Abs, shoulders, torso and back muscles will contract to support body weight and keep the wheels moving in a back and forth gliding motion. The low price and the small size of this exercise machine makes it ideal for beginners or fitness enthusiasts on a small budget. The downside of the ab wheel is that it can be used for only one type of exercise but this product will definitely yield results when it comes to developing upper body strength, core muscles and resistance.

2. The Ab Roller

The Ab Roller is an exercise machine designed to support the neck and upper body while developing ab muscles. This machine is ideal to perform crunches and can be used for a full body workout. It is possible to add weights to the ab roller for a more challenging workout. The Ab Roller is designed to perform simple crunches that involve the entire core and upper body. Unlike regular crunches, using this machine will result in stronger shoulders, chest and back muscles besides exercising the abs. The Ab Roller is requires some minor assembly and is a very affordable fitness product that does not take much space once assembled. This is the perfect product for fitness enthusiasts who need an affordable machine that can be used to work on different muscle groups, including abs.

3. The ProForm Ab Glider Sport

The ProForm Ab Glider Sport is an amazing workout machine designed to perform a number of different exercises. It is possible to work on core muscles, back muscles and improve upper body strength thanks to this machine. The Ab Glider is a relatively small workout machine but some space will be required to workout comfortably. The machine features a soft grip handles, smooth bearings and can accommodate a weight of up to 250 lbs. It is possible to perform regular crunches with the machine, work on one’s side to develop obliques and to focus on one’s upper body. The machine includes a digital counter that keeps track of the number of reps performed. This product is designed to improve muscle involvement by up to 44% and could help burn as much as twice as many calories as a regular workout. The Proform Ab Glider Sport is perfect for fitness enthusiasts who want a sturdy and versatile machine.

4. The Universal Decline Bench By Nautilus

The Universal Decline Bench by Nautilus is a small but efficient workout machine. This bench can be used to perform different exercises, including sit-ups, crunches and twists. These different exercises can be performed to develop core muscles as well as upper body strength. The bench has two different positions for a wider range of exercises. The bench comes in a single piece and features a fixed leg brace for optimal durability. The bench can accommodate a weight of up to 200 lbs. The upholstery of the bench is designed for comfortable workout sessions. It is possible to get more out of a workout by carrying weights or an exercise ball while using this exercise machine. The Universal Decline Bench is a lot more affordable than the average ab machine and does not take much space with its 17 by 23 by 45 inches.


Choosing the right workout equipment can be difficult due to the wide selection of machines offered and the different approaches taken to develop core muscles. Here are the four best ab machines available to fitness enthusiasts, including the popular and affordable Ab Wheel, the Ab Roller, the ProForm Ab Glider Sport and the Universal Decline Bench by Nautilus. Find out more about these four different machines to select the product that corresponds to your needs and your budget. You will soon get abs of steel, develop your resistance and feel great about your body thanks to these workout machines!

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