The Sony HDR-PJ380/W Camcorder Review

The Sony HDR-PJ380/W is a camcorder that provides HD images and videos. It is available in several different colors, including red, white and black. You can buy it with a projector that is built into the system. The projector comes in handy for video and image playback, especially if you want to share what you have recorded with loved ones.

When using this camcorder, you can record more than six hours of video. Whether you are planning to record your child’s dance recital, athletic game or a graduation, you will be able to get continuous video coverage of the event without running out of memory or space.

In fact, the camcorder comes equipped with flash memory. It takes additional SD cards if you would like to get more space for additional pictures and videos.


One of the greatest things about this specific camcorder, aside from the high-quality images and videos that it produces, is that it is completely lightweight and easy to carry around. No more dealing with bulky camcorders that often feel too heavy and uncomfortable to hold. It is so compact that you can fit it into your bag, backpack or even hold it in your hand while walking around.

While taking videos and pictures with the camcorder, you will notice that the picture quality is clear. The software is designed to prevent grainy images so that you are always getting the best results with each snap that you take, even if the light is not exactly the best.

You can use the optical zoom to get your clearest shot possible. The zoom feature will allow you to get at least 55 times closer to the subject in your images, whether it is a person, beautiful scenery or even an animal in its habitat.

The software in the camcorder is designed to immediately detect faces so that you will get the perfect picture of loved ones and friends each time that you are taking a shot.

It has the ability to recognize several faces all at once, which is ideal for group photographs when more than one person is in the shot. Take videos, save them and then share them with all of your friends on your social media accounts in an instant.

The camcorder is easy for anyone to operate. The touch screen makes it even more convenient. There are dozens of settings available that will allow you to adjust the way that the pictures and videos come out on your camcorder.

When you are playing any videos back, you will notice that this camcorder offers high sound quality to ensure that you can hear what each person is saying clearly and without a bunch of background noise.

The Sony HDR-PJ380/W comes equipped with a port for a tripod. You can use it with our without one. The battery is meant to last a while and does not need to be changed frequently.

However, additional batteries that extend the life of the camcorder even further are available. Such batteries may be ideal if you are planning to use the camcorder for many hours all at once.

When comparing the cost of assorted camcorders, you may notice that this product is more affordable than some of the other similar selections. Despite being a bit cheaper, it is still a high-quality camcorder that does its job well.

Overall, most of the people who have purchased it have been extremely satisfied with the amazing pictures and videos that they were able to take with it. If affordability and quality are of importance to you, this may be the right camcorder to buy.