The Olympus Stylus TG-3 Review

My first experience with an Olympus Stylus TG-3 was on vacation with my family to stunning South Africa, the camera lived up to it’s reputation well providing quick click and shoot functionality and stunning photos. Perfect for your average photographer like myself, and down right perfect for active people who need on the go action!

The trip was full of adventure, hiking, swimming, whale watching, safaris and that camera held it’s own, providing clear,clean shots despite the motion. The various scene modes were perfect for my needs, and allowed me to perfectly capture the various places, times and views we saw on this once in a life time trip. The macro mode was truly spectacular, allowing me to capture close ups of some of the amazing flora and insect life we encountered that exist no where else in the world.
The underwater feature works very well, and suited my purpose of capturing real underwater, still life moments perfectly. The case is well suited to underwater use, with grips to help you hold it steady, and produces great, sharp images with vibrant color. The build quality is high standard, making the camera durable and able shock resistant as promised.

Although I wouldn’t’ go out of my way to test the shock resistance, it did sustain some bumps and bruises along the way from accidental falls during hikes or other activities. Other than a few scratches, it took it well and held up it’s reputation as a truly tough camera. This helped cement it in my mind as one of the foremost options for active, non-professional photographers like myself. It is a quality built, durable camera that is great for on the go pictures.

The camera also comes with WiFi, GPS and e.compass making it an attractive option for on the go photographers, and allowing you to upload you cameras directly to social media without going through your laptop. Add the functionality to the tough exterior, and the attractive style, it is obviously an on the go camera for the adventurous photographer like me. The only downside is the over-sized charging system, that seems to be a lot bulkier than it needs to be.
I owned the previous version of this camera, the Olympus Tough TG-2 and the TG-3 was a marked step up, not only in the way of picture quality, but overall performance of the unit was exponentially better than previous versions. It was well worth the investment, as the functionality, image quality and speed were improved quite a bit in the newer version.
The Olympus Stylus TG-3 is not a cheap camera, especially for a non-professional camera, but it is definitely an investment if you love going off the beaten path or live an adventurous life style. It is a camera designed for heavy use, and taking hundreds of shots during extended trips or vacations, not for occasional use. If you are planning an extensive trip, or a once in a lifetime vacation, investing in a TG-3 is well worth the investment, and will help you capture those memories perfectly and forever.