Sony pj275 HD camcorder Review

There’s no shortage of strong entries in the realm of handheld cameras. They’re out there in droves, waiting for you to wade in and make a choice. What stands out for most people is great performance at a great price. If that’s what it comes down to for you, the Sony HDR PJ275 is a well equipped option.

I ran it through its paces on a trip to Jamaica and the winner was the Sony HD camcorder. It held up way better than I did when all was said and done.

The power in your palm

The Sony PJ275 is a lightweight, feature rich workhorse. For starters, it utilizes a Carl Zeiss lens that is capable of 27x optical / 54x clear image zoom. In combination with its HDR capabilities and full 1080p output at 60 frames per second, it definitely delivers high quality video. It does stills also, shooting at 9.2 mega pixels.

If you so desire, Intelligent Auto Mode is there to assist you. It will undertake the task of making proper adjustment to achieve the best picture possible. I shot video under all sorts of lighting and conditions, bright sun, night, haze(both in my head and the air). The result is very consistent, and its good. Face detection is there as well, in addition to Steady Shot Image Stabilization. All good for hiding a shaky hand.

Video is dual recorded in both AVCHD and computer optimized mp4. It goes straight into the 8GB internal storage, which is not as much as some would like. Truth is though, if you’re getting this camcorder, you should pick up a high gigabyte Micro SD card. You could also just use the cam’s Wi-Fi and share the video to a phone/tablet/computer or
hard wire connections include HDMI and a built in USB cable.

Then, there’s the cool factor feature. This Sony HD camcorder showcases an onboard projector with the ability to display your video up to 100″ diagonal on any available surface. You will use it because it’s not just a gimmick. It’s good.

Should you reach in the pocket?

The Sony PJ275 is not perfectly perfect. Its viewing screen is small(2.7in) and minus touch functionality. Menus are a little clumsy too. Yet, I find myself compelled to say that it’s a great buy for all it gives you. Most of us dig that.