Review Of The Lenovo X1 Carbon Touch

You have probably heard of the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Touch (14-inch). You may be considering buying one, but you want to learn more about it. With that said, read this review about this touchscreen ultrabook, and then you can decide whether or not you want to buy it.

1. Great Design And Overall Construction- The Lenovo 14-inch touchscreen ultrabook has a sleek look to it, and it features a great design. Not only that, but the overall construction is good too. This is because it features carbon-fiber construction, which means you can rest assure that it can withstand the test of time., as well as drops, spills, heat and so forth.

2. Adaptive Keyboard Is Excellent- It’s also worth mentioning that the keyboard is unique and you will love it. This is because it is an adaptive keyboard, which means that depending on the application you are in, the row of function keys will change. You will be able to work in low-light conditions with ease, thanks to the backlit, and you’ll enjoy more function and less clutter. If you want an ultrabook that has a great keyboard that functions extremely well, then you will want to get your hands on this Lenovo ultrabook.

3. Good Battery Life, Speed And A Lot Of Memory- The average battery life is good too, as you can get around 9 hours, and as for the hard drive, it has 265 GB of memory, and 8 GB of RAM. In other words, if you want an ultrabook that is packed with a lot of memory, and is very fast, then this is may be the one for you. With a lot of memory, speed and high quality graphics, this ThinkPad ultrabook is good for both gamers and for those who want to use it for personal or work use.

4. As for security, you will be pleased with the security features. Some of these features include the fingerprint reader. This allows you to use your finger as your password, which means all you have to do when you want to login is swipe your finger.Your critical information will be safe and sound, especially when you consider that the device has a TPM chip.

5. Priced Fairly- As for the price, it is priced very fairly. Depending on where you purchase it from, you can expect to pay around $1,400, but it is well worth the money. If you want a device that provides you with a lot of value for your money, then the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon is what you want to look at.

By now you may be wondering if you should purchase it, and the answer to that question is yes. If you want a high quality ultrabook that performs extremely well, as well as packed with a lot of power, speed, a good battery life and has a great design and very responsive, then look into buying the Carbon Touch. It could very well be one of the best ultrabooks on the market today.