A Review Of The Chromo 7 Android Tablet

So many tech gadgets are being unveiled each and every day by the big players in the telecommunication industry. Competition for a big portion of the tech consumer market is evidently higher than in previous years. This phenomenon has brought about the production of so many brands of mobile phones and tablets in many parts of the world. If you are looking for a really affordable tablet that has all the best user features then the Chromo 7 Android Tablet is just the choice for you.

The Chromo 7 Android Tablet is a great device indeed as it is packed with all the relevant features that most people need in a sleek and compact design. Most tablets are being filled with many unnecessary features and bloatware that are not really useful to most consumers and just contribute to making the prices of these tech gadgets to be astronomical. There is no need to invest a whole lot of cash in getting that much needed new tablet device you have always been wanting.

This specific tablet may not have some of the premium features found in high end tablet devices but it has been observed to satisfy the requirements of most of its users to date. Its versatility and ease of use puts it at the top of the chart when compared to many other tablet devices out there today. The Chromo 7 Android Tablet has all the features you expect from a decent tablet that comes at an amazingly affordable price.

Awesome tablets speak for themselves through the features they bring to the table. The Chromo 7 Android Tablet will surely perform and give a user experience like no other. This tablet is a master at many functional applications that people need on a day to day basis. A quick glance at its specifications will shed a lot of light into what this tablet can do.

This tablet comes with a 7″ LED touch panel that offers a really good touch and surfing experience. This is a really bright and modest display that will most definitely catch the eyes of most users because of its clarity and simplicity in displaying a wide range of colors. The display comes in a 1024*600 resolution that is just adequate for a good viewing experience.

The tablet comes with 4GB internal hard drive capacity and 512MB of RAM that enables users to multitask between multiple apps effectively. The internal memory can be expanded up to 32GB though a micro SD expansion slot so users do not have to worry about limited space to store their movies and games.

This wonderful device runs on the Android 4.1 Operating System from Google. With this OS, users have access to millions of applications available at the Google PlayStore. The tablet also features some very nice apps that come pre loaded with it. These are apps like Skype, Netflix, Google Chrome and even 3D games.

A front facing and rear camera will ensure that users enjoy a wonderful photo capturing experience. This tablet is white in color and comes with a really decent battery life to top it all off.