When Samsung Galaxy Tab was first launched in the market, a lot of case makers brought their own designs to the market. ProCase is one of the most well known and professional tablet cover case makers in the market. It has many different types of cases for almost all of the latest tabs in a variety of designs. The Procase case for Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of such cases. It has received accolades from the customers for high quality of the material, for the design as well as for the various other features.

Feature List

It provides complete access to the various features of the Galaxy tab such as cameras, ports, buttons and speaker. It important to keep in mind that this case is compatible only with the 2014 Samsung tablet and will not work with any of the other tablets.

It also supports the auto sleep/wake feature which means that the tablet will make automatically when the case is opened. There is a quality velcro that keeps the tablet inside the case and does not let it slip out.

It comes with magnetic closure.

The leather on the outside has pebbled texture which means that there are absolutely no scratch marks on the surface and it is also very easy to clean. The interior of the case is made of soft microfiber that protects the dedicate surface of the tablet.

This case comes with a flip stand feature which means that it can be easily converted into a horizontal stand to rest the tablet on a flat surface. It is completely stable in this mode.

This case also features a high quality elastic hand strap made of leather that provides a very comfortable way to hold the tablet in one hand.

The case arrives with a stylus that is a pen on one side and a stylus on the other side. It also features a built-in stylus holder that makes it easy to carry stylus all around with the tablet.

It is available in various colors.

The tablet fits snugly in the case and the case offers complete protection against any mishandling. However, it won’t protect the tablet in case it falls down.

Overall, the case quality is very high and it looks amazing.


One of the biggest advantages of this stand is that it looks great, offers required protection and comes at a decent price. All of the buyers have mentioned that it fits the tablet like a book cover.

Another advantage of this case is that it is a very soft and it feels nice to hold it in the hand. Also, it looks way more expensive as compared to its real price.


Even though most of the buyers were completely satisfied with this case, some of the buyers have pointed out some issues with this case.

Most of the buyers agreed that it is not easy to use the fingerprint scanner with this case. Therefore, most of the customers recommend using a password for the tablet. However, if you want to use fingerprint scanner on a routine basis, you should look for another case and not this one.

Some of the customers also reported that the stylus does not fit well in the holder inside the case and regularly falls out.


Overall, this is a very nice case especially considering the price. Similar quality cases sell for upwards of $60 and the buyers are still not happy with their purchase.

However, almost all of the buyers of this case are completely satisfied with the quality and features of this case. It is a good value for money buy.