Phantom 3 drone review

Drones are more popular than ever before. They combine all the fun of remote controlled cars with the utility of your very own helicopter, which makes everyone want to get in on the fun. The DJI Phantom 3 Drone is no exception. As part of DJI’s Phantom series, this drone comes with all of the quality you would expect from a member of the series, as well as GPS navigation, automatic takeoff and landing, a long lasting battery, and a versatile, easy-to-use mobile app that gives you all the control you need to make sure your Phantom 3 goes exactly where you want.

The Set

The Phantom 3 provides a lot of bang for your buck. The set includes the aircraft body, a remote control, four propeller pairs, an intelligent flight battery, a battery charger, a power cable, three manuals covering safety guidelines and quick starting, a gimbal clamp, four vibration absorbers, one 16GB micro-SD card, a micro-USB cable, two anti-drop kits, four landing pads, one propeller wrench, and five stickers in various colors.

Despite the price point of $999.00, the Phantom provides a great value. Because it’s Amazon Prime-eligible, those interested in trying it out will be able to do so shortly after their purchase.


The Phantom 3 drone is capable of both indoor and outdoor flight. Because of its ability to hoist a camera, the Phantom can be used to take sweeping, high-angle panoramic shots from the sky. The mobile app allows users to simultaneously control the drone and the camera. And because of a built-in system of optical and ultrasonic sensors called Vision Positioning, users are able to fly accurately indoors without a GPS system.

Because it comes equipped with a 3-axes 4K UHD video camera, the Phantom is able to take crystal-clear video even while on the move. The motion stabilizers make it possible to snap perfect photos each and every time, even while zipping from one place to another.

Learning Curve

While there is a learning curve associated with flying a drone, the Phantom is an excellent choice for learning with. Users will be able to master their control of the device, and the user-friendly systems are very forgiving for first time flyers.

Overall, DJI provides an excellent drone, and Amazon’s quick shipping makes it the perfect choice for when you need to purchase a gift for the gadget-lover in your family.