Part 1: My story with Jono

I got up early morning and I prepared myself to dress a new cloth before to go to my college because of exams in summer seasons. I used to study alone to understand more because my studying was in English and My specialist was

Information Technology.This was when I was far away from my family and I was in Salalah City where I lived to study to get high marks. My daily routine was ONLY posting about the computer hardware and Networking. I always went to college to Computer Section and there were a lot of computers which needed to prepare and repair. I was with Indian Teacher.

One day, It was good weather in Salalah City and I was in my flat with friends and we were talking about planning for making dinner and what we have today for next day because some roommates were far away and from different cities in
Oman and I had 2 friends from My city Sohar. I was scared that time because they were strange people and they have different culture of Oman.On the weekend, I used to call to my family to hear their voice and I missed my sisters and my mom. I was sad when I felt far away as it was my first time to be away. I did not know what I have to do in my free time, so I practiced my hobbies in my laptop’s friend like Photoshop, programming database management systen and College Algebra. After Few months, I heard news from friends in college and they were talking about this word ( Jono ,, Jono) but I did not understand what was it. I asked my classmate from college and they told me that it is a type of Hurricane. But I asked why they talked about it?. One of my friends said: It will come to Oman to attract. I said : Please, Do not say and I will be so scared. The day came and the weather was not normal. It was clouds without sun. Full of Air and lighting. I used to take my taxi driver to reach college. I went to my section of computer repairing. Then Our Dean of Computer announced to have to go back home urgent because of bad weather. Me and classmates got shocked that we just started our lecture and can not finished on time. Then we left to home directly. Then I thought my family and tried to call mom and suddenly there were not network or signal. I asked to my roommates if they have called some one. ” Oh God, Forgive us for our mistakes ” one of my roommate said with sad face. But I did not understand what happened exactly because I did not know about (Jono) and Then I got it all details from friends and I just worried more because that day I felt it will be last day for our life here in Oman.

See You Next Story Part 2 🙂