Massive Instagram Update: 5 New Filters Added!

Instagram is well known as a popular website for uploading and sharing images. One of the key features of Instagram is the ability to add filters that transform and enhance a picture to make it look just the way you want. Recently, a major update has added five brand new filters to the roster!


If you are trying to get noticed on Instagram, becoming familiar with filters and their uses is essential. Applying the right filter to a photo can make the difference between a drab and boring shot and a masterpiece. Read on to find out how you can master these new filters to make your pictures pop.

The first of the new filters is called Aden. This filter adds a pastel aesthetic, enhancing color and contrast. Aden will look great with portraits and other pictures where emphasizing color is key.

Crema smooths out the photo, creating a warm and cozy effect. Crema is the ideal effect for an outdoor scene, especially for landscapes and vistas. The smoothing makes the picture take on some of the aspects of a painting.

Ludwig is a new effect perfect for things like architecture or sculptures that are geometrically interesting. Color is minimized to emphasize contrast between light and shadow, making stark and clean images. Try Ludwig next time you visit a modern art museum or take pictures of buildings.

Slumber makes pictures appear hazy and dreamlike, removing sharp lines and color. This setting is great for more abstract shots, or to make a picture look like it was taken with an old camera. Play around with the Slumber filter for shots of things like looking up into a tree canopy, or cloud formations.

The last new filter is Perpetua, which is a filter that adds blue, green, and brown tints to a shot. This can create a variety of effects depending on the colors in the shot, but looks great especially on images taken in sunlight. For some shots it can create a natural feel, while for others it can make metals and concretes feel futuristic. Try it out on a variety of shots and see what effect it has!

In addition to these awesome new filters, the Instagram update added some new interface options to help you manage your pictures more effectively. You can now organize your filter list to make the ones you use most often more readily accessible, and take some of the ones you do not like out of the list. Scroll down to the bottom of the filters list to customize your filter list to your own tastes.

Instagram is one of the most popular image sharing sites on the internet, and with this update it will only become more prominent. Try out these new filters next time you upload an image, and see the difference a well applied color shift can make. Adding a filter to a picture you took might take it from image to art, so go try it out!