All that you need to know about MacBook Pro Mini Display Port. Recently electronics giant, Generic launched a mini adaptor which helps to connect hmdi to MacBook Pro. The models of the MacBook Pro that were launched in the past couple of years can get connected to hdmi outputs directly. Yet some models exist that still require a separate adaptor. This mini adopter is meant for those models. If you are planning to take your MacBook to the office and hold a presentation, then this mini display port is of great help. However, to avoid unnecessary fuss at the office you should test it at home thoroughly.

However, before you buy yourself one, you must know how it works. Whether you need an adaptor to connect hmdi to MacBook Pro depends upon the model that you purchase. If you purchased your model in the years 2012 to 2013, then no doubt you can connect your MacBook with hmdi without using any adaptor. All the other models are produced along with a mini display port through which your MacBook can easy get hooked to an hmdi adaptor. You can easily attach your MacBook Pro with your LED TV. However, you must bear in mind that some models are capable of exporting only the video over the hmdi. To get the audio transferred as well you should connect the earphone jack of the MacBook Pro.

Selecting an adapter is a crucial job. If your MacBook Pro does not have the hmdi port then you need to use the mini display port to hmdi adaptor. No such adaptor is currently designed by Apple but they allow the use of any third party adaptor from companies like Belkin and Griffin. The recently launched adapter launched by Generic is a mini display port to hmdi adaptor. This means you can easily connect hmdi to MacBook Pro. This is an Apple INC certified product which can easily connect your MacBook Pro to any HD TV. However, this device will not fit to iPhone 5. The bigger end of the device is connected to an hmdi connector and the smaller end is connected to the MacBook Pro through a special port called thunderbolt. This port is capable of connecting the Mac with other devices with an hmdi port.

This mini display port is the perfect device for connecting your MacBook Pro to any display unit or TV with an hdmi port. This mini port is hdmi compliant and support full HD mode for the devices with DisplayPort of 1.2 or with thunderbolt 2. It is also capable of producing audio productivity that is digital and multi channeled. EM interference is minimized with the help of aluminum casing. The cable length of this mini display port is 14 cm. It has a height of 1.2 cm and a width of 3.7 cm. It weighs 35g.

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