(London 2012): Mexico kidnap golden foot of Brazil

Culminated in the Mexican Olympic team gold medal in Olympic football for the first time in its history by beating his Brazilian counterpart, 2/1 in the final of the Games

Olympic championships in the British capital (London 2012).
After successive surprises Mexico has stepped up to the final for the first time in its history, succeeded in completing its launch successfully and tirelessly his gold medal in his first football in the history of the Olympics.
Uribe scored the goals of the Mexican national team Peralta scored in the first and 75 and then reply to the Brazilian team the player Gievanildo Vieira Hulk in the last seconds of the game.
The Mexican team has succeeded in confusing accounts of Brazilian rival, who qualified to the final for the third time in the history of the Olympic user’s posts, and that its lead where Early opened the scoring with a deflected Uribe Peralta in the first minute.
Envisaged and the Mexican national team, who are coached by coach Luis Fernando Tena, extreme caution defense during the game to stand up to his Brazilian counterpart, the control of the game in some of the game.
And entered the Brazilian team in the game and the form of offensive pressure on the opponent, but he ran into a defensive cohesion and starred by Mexican goalkeeper Jose Corona.
In 31 minutes drive Mano Menezes coach Brazilian star Hulk Gievanildo Vieira Alexandru instead of trying to activate the attacking side.
And almost doomed to realize Brazil’s equalizer on 34 minutes when a missile hit a ball with his left foot from outside the penalty area but the keeper saved the Mexican difficulty before they hooked defense.
In the second half the Brazilian team stepped up the offensive pressure in search of an equalizer but his attempts failed.
Peralta made and strengthened the Mexican national team in the 75th minute when he received a cross from a free kick and slotted the ball into the net with his head, taking advantage of the absence of control by the defense.
Hulk and the new hope of the Brazilian team the lead in the 90th minute but the team maintained the Mexican net in stoppage time, to be crowned the first gold medal in the history of user’s posts Olympics.

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