Literacy Review

In this swift changing world where everything is heading towards miniaturization, the ocean of knowledge is enraging to engulf the human race with intoxicating enthusiasm and passion. The flower of knowledge blossoms, to spread the fragrance in the world but only very few could really enjoy the essence of it because they have got a medium namely “Literacy”.


Most of our community won’t even appreciate the presence of the fragrance of knowledge in the atmosphere and thereby missing the most important and essential reason to live in this beautiful world.

Our country has a diversified culture and heritage, customs and traditions. The immense resource of knowledge is resting untouched and unaltered as if inviting mankind to get a feel of it, relish it and above all enlighten their soul. But the only cruel monster that is preventing or rather acting as a stumbling block is “illiteracy”. The worse part of it is that the size of the monster is enlarging day by day, uncontrolled as if aiming to encompassing the whole nation, if not monitored well in time. The check on this monster is very critical and should be a top priority national issue. One step forward, towards tackling this problem is to spread literacy in such a manner that no one remains untouched that is “Literacy with perfection”.

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