Kristen Stewart In Oman For A New Film Shoot

Kristen Stewart has been seen in Oman where she is filming a new movie. The interesting location has started buzz for Stewart that could possibly mean Oscar buzz, and she is one of the most followed actors in Hollywood. Everyone wants to get their next shot at her, and the people that are looking to take their shots at her are going to wonder if this movie is going to be any good. This movie could be her best yet, and people are going to have to take a step back when they see Kristen Stewart in Oman.

The Personal Shopper

Kristen-Stewart-In-Oman4The Kristen Stewart film 2015 that she is going to star in is called Personal Shopper. People are saying that it is something of a ghost story that is going to take place around fashion. Anyone could guess what that is going to mean, but it could be very cool because the country of Oman has some of the most beautiful cities and shops to go to. People who love shopping may want to come over to Oman just to see the sights. There is no reason to attach them to a movie, but that would be fair if that was something people wanted to do.

The Actress

Kristen-Stewart-In-Oman1Stewart was photographed in the airport because she is one of those actors who will still travel commercial when she needs to get somewhere. This is because she is not particularly interested in what people think of her, and she is able to get around paparazzi because she never gives them a good picture. Anything they release is not going to look good as compared to what they could have gotten from her otherwise.

The Film Is Going Other Places

This Kristen Stewart film 2015 is going other places around the world, but the beautiful backdrop of Oman is something that viewers are going to notice as soon as it comes on the screen. The orange desert of the country is difficult to miss, and viewers are going to notice that where she goes is going to be fraught with sand and beauty at the same time. Not all beauty is in the clothes they wear on the screen.


Seeing Kristen Stewart in Oman gazing for a movie shoot is one thing, but finding out it is a ghost story is quite another. There are many reasons to want to watch this movie, and I find it interesting to see that Kristen still does not mind flying commercial and getting photographed.