#ISupportGaza: Why am I here?

I used to think this life is mine

I worked and slept and played and dined
But I am still my heart was cold and hollow
I ached and wept with dread and sorrow

I’d wake up a morning so sunny and bright
And hoped this day I’d see the light
The light that I was aching for
Was to feel complete and rich – not poor

Despite the wealth and good health I had
for some reason I was always sad
I used to think this life is mine
Until I slid into dark decline

To you my Allah I turned in dismay
Forgive me, Guide me with humbleness I pray
For I have sinned whilst in darkness and Now I seek your guidance

Oh Allah, Sincerely I repent
I am sorry for my past
And painfully regret

I used to think this life is mine
I am awake now, thanks to my Allah
I used to work, sleep and play and dine
Now I pray, fast and seek the knowledge all time

Praise be on me my Allah, My lord
In all good deeds I seek you reward
when All are asleep I awake at night

to pray and recite with tears of fright