An Indepth Vision Without Glasses Review

vissionwithoutglassessVision Without Glasses- Do you know anyone who likes to wear glasses? It is a fact that if people could see without glasses, they will get rid of their glasses. However, the sad truth is that people do not any choice other than wearing glasses or get that costly LASIK surgery. But LASIK surgery is not always successful. One can always get contact lenses but these are not comfortable and it’s not easy to put them on and take them off multiple times a day.



Vision Without Glasses System

Vision without Glasses is an eBook from Duke Peterson. It is based on Dr William H. Bates method. The Dr Bates method was very popular in the 1880s and 90s for restoring vision naturally. He prescribed many things that were against the prevailing wisdom at that time and many people found success with this method.

However, over the years glasses have become the easiest way to correct vision. Vision without glasses is a refinement of the Dr Bates Method. It outlines various dos and don’ts for improving your eyesight including eye exercises, foods and some other things.

Who is Duke Peterson?

Duke Peterson used to own an ophthalmology practice for many years. However, after years of successful practice, he came across the Dr. bates system for restoring vision naturally. He was intrigued by the system and decided to test it out. He started refining the method suggested by Dr. Bates and was surprised with the results of this new refined system. In fact, the results were so amazing that he decided to close his practice and started helping people get their vision back – naturally.

Product Details

There are a number of chapters in the book with each chapter focused on a different aspect of the vision.

Causes of eyestrain

In the first chapter, the author discusses various causes of eyestrain. For instance, some of the top causes are stress, bad posture, poor lighting, poor diet, working in stuffy space, prolonged use of TV or computer, reading even when eyes are tired and alcohol overconsumption.

The author mentions that it is important to relax your eyes to ensure that they keep working at the optimal level. In the book, the author provides different methods for eyes relaxation.

Popular Myths

In another chapter, the author discusses the popular myths concerning good vision. For instance, he discusses things ranging from benefits of eating carrots to harm from watching TV. In the book, the author goes in-depth in to the science behind the myths.

Are Glasses Effective?

There is a chapter on the book that details the ineffectiveness of glasses. The author argues that glasses help people see clearly without correcting the underlying problem. In simple terms, the underlying conditions that led to eye issues still remain there and therefore, people need to get higher power glasses with time. He insists that glasses only deal with the symptoms and not the real cause.

Foods for Better Eyesight

There is another chapter that outlines foods that help in improving eyesight as well as foods that worsen eyesight. The author argues that foods such as fish, turmeric, parsley, berries, broccoli and many others are good for your eyesight whereas foods such as alcohol, red meat, baked goods and many others are responsible for worsening your eyesight.

Herbs for Better Eyesight

In this chapter, the author lists some herbs that help in improving the eyesight. For instance, Passionflower relaxes the blood vessels in the eyes and Bilberry helps in slowing down the cell decay rate in eyes.

Juicing and Side Effects of Drugs

Juicing helps in improving eyesight. In this chapter, the author mentions some special juicing recipes that help in dealing with eye conditions such as floaters, cataract, optic nerve atrophy and others. There is also a whole chapter in the book that lists the side effects of various drugs on eyes.


Overall, there is a lot of information in this book on various eye conditions and the science behind those eye conditions. Also, the refined Dr. Bates method mentioned in the book has helped thousands of people. There are a lot of recipes and other foods mentioned that help in restoring vision naturally.

It comes with 60 days money back guarantee and can be bought for a one time fee.

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