I hate Myselfie Book -Review

I hate Myselfie is a captivating story of a young man who happens to be the author by the name Shane Dawson, narrating his real life experiences when he was growing up. He was an innocent and introvert kid who didn’t experience much of the life fantasies at an early age.

Dawson begins by telling us about his first relationship and kiss at the age of 21. He comments that this is something most people do not believe and instead take him for being gay or something of the sort.
Through his enthralling story, he introduces a Canadian female friend with whom they begin to hang out with. Dawson had developed a special penchant for Canada. Therefore this was an excellent opportunity to learn about the country. The taciturn Dawson becomes inquisitive, asking her a number of questions which she responds so well. Their friendship continues to strengthen as the author begins to gain confidence in the presence of a woman.

Things begin to take a total different twist in Dawson’s life when he gets kicked out of the apartment. With that confusion associated with the awful incident, his only solution is to visit his Canadian friend whom they had began to hang out with ever since knowing each other.

The girl asks him to stay in with her. That very night, they lay in bed watching TV. Dawson is a little nervous because this is his first experience to spend a night in a girl’s room at the age of 21. They begin to cuddle. It is obvious that this is the first time the author is doing this with a girl. He keeps wondering what they are actually doing and they are all nervous.

They both wake up the following morning to have breakfast. Dawson has a guilty conscience that people may begin to think that they had sex. Besides, he is deeply religious.

The author realizes that they do not have much in common about Canada and tells the girl about his plan to visit the country. He prepares himself to shoot a youtube video of about a guy kissing a girl and as he conclusively winds up one of his inspiring and absorbing essay stories.

This is certainly the best book that will surely grab your attention to the end. Get your copy.