How To Connect The Keyboard To Android Tablet

Most Chinese touchscreen tablets resistive are not capacitive, so it only reacts to touch the screen with some pressing.
As a result, typing text on the built-in on-screen keyboard, the user has almost poking his fingers into the touchscreen. For many it’s quite get bored and they decide to buy a keyboard to the tablet.
But connect an external keyboard to the tablet causes new questions: whether it needs a driver, how to add a Cyrillic keyboard layout, etc.
All of these issues will no longer relevant after the installation «Us Keyboard» for All Android. Program, which supports the outer (hardware) and a variety of keyboard layouts. Download stable version «Us Keyboard» for Android, you can follow the link. Further customizing keyboard tablet is considered as an example of this particular version.

1. After installing Us Keyboard go to the tablet.

2. Find the “Language and Settings” and tick «Us Keyboard».

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