I myself have a Macbook and I only use Kuzy products to help protect and maintain the exterior of my Macbook. The Kuzy keyboard for Macbook Pro, is far superior than its competitors. Installation and removal is easy. The material is long lasting and does not interfere with the keyboard functions.

Kuzy keyboard for Macbook Pro, comes in a black color which matches the original keyboard color. It does not block the backlit keyboard is can be applies easily, unlike other keyboard covers which are tedious to apply and remove. The Kuzy brand compliments the Macbook Pro well well you have the 13 inch or 15 inch model, it is a great accessory to add to help protect your product. Kuzy, products are durable, lightweight and affordable. Especially when it comes to the Kuzy keyboard for Macbook Pro.

Many of its competitors charge high prices for the same product, Myself and others who I know use the product have nothing but positive reviews about product. Whether your are an artist, writer, or just figuring out your computer, the keyboard will not interfere with your work, and will allow you to work with out wearing out, fading, or falling apart. It will allow you to conduct keystroke flawlessly, and effortlessly. Unlike other keyboard covers, they look cheap and it effects key strokes. Believe me, you cannot go wrong with this. Just because the price is low, you are definitely getting more than your money’s worth. I highly recommend the keyboard cover and recommend you protect your investment.