The rise of e-sports has sent the video game industry reverberating with evolutionary aftershocks. But who really has the mettle to perform with the Pros?

Take heart young gamers, tomorrows gaming star is within you; all you need are the tools to give you serious game. Here are some outstanding tools that can help the newbiest of newbies kick it up a notch. These are the instruments of your destiny!

Elgato Game Capture HD60

Want to stream your most epic gaming moments on websites like Ustream and Twitch? Germany’s Elgato Company has just the thing. The slim trim Game Capture HD60 is only the size of a smartphone and functions as a link between a computer and your gaming console.

Utilizing state of the art software the Game Capture HD60 allows gamers to record their finest gameplay in brilliant 1080p60 format. It also features a steaming function so you can include your reactions with a webcam and even add your own running commentary.

The Game Capture HD60 works best with the newer consoles namely the XBOX One. It would also be good to have a TV that supports its HD format:

Astro A38

From the producers of many popular gaming headsets, Astro Gaming comes a device designed to allow the active gamer full range of motion while gaming. The A38 is a wireless headset that actually sits on your ear. Padded ear muffs designed for comfort can fold back when not in use.

Capable of pairing with Bluetooth mobile devices the A38 also successfully reduces ambient sound with active noise cancelling. It even has an integrated microphone for making phone calls.

The A38 headset comes in an elegant white or a conservative grey; for an additional twenty bucks you can also customize your headsets with speaker tags. The A38 does not have 3.5mm port to allow for a wired connection; this means it will be unusable until the battery recharges. Fortunately, however, the manufacturers at Astro promise a twenty hour battery life from a full charge.

The headset is available in white or gray and can be customized with speaker tags for an additional $20 a set. The lack of a 3.5-millimeter port for a wired connection means the A38 won’t work when the battery runs out; fortunately, Astro says the headset will last 20 hours on a full charge.

Gunnar Optiks Eyewear

To build the skills of a pro gamer requires many hours in front of a screen. Extended periods of time glaring down your objectives on any type of screen will strain your eyes and cause headaches. Avoid these occupational hazards with the new Gunnar Optiks Eyeware specially developed to reduce the strain electronic monitors can put you through.

To accomplish this, the designers behind this cutting edge eyewear designed the Gunnar Optiks Eyewear with patented aerodynamic shapes that limit air currents that dry out tired eyes, custom tints to filter the ultraviolet and unnatural blues and coatings to diminish the glare and protect from scratching.

Keeping in mind all other necessary head gear a serious gamer may employ, the Gunnar Optiks Eyewear were created with flattened temples to allow for headsets and ear pieces. The sturdy Haus style, I was lucky enough to try, fit nicely over my glasses but there are prescription lenses available.

Sony Remote Play

Console makers seem to be gravitating away from the TV and are now creating apps that stream your videos to mobile devices. Anyone with a Play Station 4 and a Sony Xperia Z2 or Z3 phone or tablet can play the console games on their mobile devices using the Remote Play app from Sony.

Once the devices have synched gamers can use the Play Station 4’s dual shock controllers to take gaming to their Xperia. For an additional $40, the Game Control Mount, also by Sony, will greatly enhance the gaming experience.

To take advantage of this winning combination you must first own a PS$ gaming console and a compatible Xperia. Both the devices must be connected to the same WI-FI network so you won’t be going too far, it does free up the TV though.

After syncing, players can use the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller to play games on the Xperia; Sony’s Game Control Mount, which costs $40, helps to enhance the experience. Remote Play is limited to those who own a PS4 and a compatible Xperia device, and both need to be on the same Wi-Fi network, so you can’t venture far. But it does free up the TV in your home.

KontrolFreek Alpha

The pint sized thumb sticks on gaming console controllers are what gives your games character his full range of motion. The size of the thumbsticks is what can give some players a problem, especially when you need that precision to execute that perfect maneuver.

Available from KontrolFreek, Alpha thumbstick extenders are pretty small (one tenth of an inch to be exact) but they can greatly improve a players accuracy and that can be crucial in an alien invasion or zombie apocalypse. Originally designed for the PS4 and Xbox One controllers, the tiny thumbstick extensions also feature a non-slip surface to avoid fatal accidents.

Remember to always game responsibly. Get plenty of regular exercise and fresh air then…
Boom, Headshot…Boom, Headshot!!! Happy Gaming!