Free Thinking

Free Thinking: Our greater leaders and solders have always laid great emphasis on educating people. Clear stream of vision and free thinking can prevail only in the atmosphere of literacy. Today also our orthodox customs and traditions are not allowing the smooth flow of education. The girl child is not allowed to purse her studies because of social and traditional barriers. Girl child is thought to be only meant for doing house hold jobs. Even parents also consider her to be a burden since birth and don’t allow her to get knowledgeable because for them the main aim of nourishing a girl child is to get her married to someone and offload the responsibility from their head. And if they are not able to do this much also they don’t even hesitate to end the life of the child or sell her off. If we see all these things very minutely we will realize one thing that if the people who are presently entangled in unwanted customs are literate and economically stable then these wrong and irrelevant things wont creep into their mind. The knowledge not only allows you to think broadly but also change the way you see the life.


The imposition of education on a person without giving him the basic needs to survive is not the right approach to enhance the literacy rate. A person initially should be made to understand that process of acquiring knowledge is not a wasteful journey. They should be given assurance that education will become the real means of earning their livelihood and they will be able to lead a prosperous life. Until or unless the people of this diversified country don’t come out of the selfmade barriers of customs and traditions the flow of knowledge will not be constraint free. So the government and other social welfare organizations should indulge themselves in upgrading the status of common man by providing him the tool of education. Today the world is moving towards the new heights in science and technology and we are still struggling with the very basic problems of the country as a whole. On one side we talk about the globalization of the economy but on the other side we are not in a position to provide the basic essential amenities to the common man due to lack of resources and ineffective planning on our part. Today the rich person is becoming richer and poor person is becoming poorer. This disparity in the economical standards speaks about our dual image and is preventing us from progressing futher, one person doesn’t have a food to eat and other person can afford to waste the same under the umbrella of socio-economical inequality. Is this the democracy we are talking about? Is this the image set for independent India by our leader who sacrificed their lives to bring the happiness of freedom to existence? We are the government, we are the people who have created and establish this nation and we are only deprived of utilization of our resources. This is simply a paradox but yet a cruel reality. And we all have to face these at all walks of life. If we have to bring in knowledge revolution then we have to make a common man more powerful so that he can prove his existence in the country of one billion. Every human being has an urge for recognition. He wants to be identified and spotted as a different entity. Give him the power to make his dream come true. If we have to make a person literate, the magic will be to detach all his worries from him and then see the difference. A person wants to acquire the knowledge but can’t do so because of other commitments that he considers more essential than becoming literate, thus takes the top priority in his life. The stage has come where a illiterate poor parent will love to send his son to do some job and earn few bucks for him, rather then sending him to school and learn. This parent doest realize that he is unintentionally promoting child labour and putting anther nail into the grave of half-dead literacy. He is not only doing harm to himself or his child but also harming the nation by adding one more number to the list of literates. To him literacy is just an issue and not a need. To overcome this, the social awareness should be inculcated in the mind of such people that becoming knowledgeable means changing the definition of their life.

The ocean of information available through various media e.g. internet, books, knowledge sharing platforms etc are so vast that free thinking is reduced to meager search and locate the existing information in shortest allowable timeframe. Free thinking needs to be cultivated in the tender minds right from the beginning of child education. This might result in more inventions and breakthroughs which would be beneficial to the mankind. Duplication an existing idea, refurbishing and presenting it in some other format are considered not only wastage of time and energy but also being dishonest to oneself in order to have monitory benefits which evaporates sooner or later. That is all about Free Thinking.

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