Education System in India

Educational system has got glorified history and very promising future. But still we find lots and lots of lacunae in our educational system not because of its effectiveness in delivering quality knowledge evenly to the remotest corner of the country. In other words the circumstances are favoring urbanization for our educational system, thereby defeating the sole purpose and main objective that is 100 percent literacy or literacy with perfection.

    India’s illiterate population exceeds the total combined population of America, Japan and Canada. The factual data shouldn’t have come as a surprise to most of our education policy makers in the past/ present who are simply ruling the nation in a grip of expectancy and fantasizing the facts by uttering sweet and juicy slogans to attract masses but at the same time denying requisite quality education due to lack of dynamic and flexible educational policy. The largest democracy in the world has shamefully turned out to be the largest illiterate democracy. Although the literacy rate has increased considerably after independence but the illiterate magnitude has never seen a descending path.

    At this stage if we have to talk about the knowledge revolution, main emphasis is to be given to the quality of education and not just enrolling people into the literacy programs and virtually creating an unwanted breed of educated illiterates that is imposing literacy but lacking in quality education. The problems, multifarious as they are leave the government grappling with too much issue at the same time. And in the mad rush to improve and elevate the desirable statistics on literacy, quality education has to perforce become backbencher, unrecognized and even unnoticed event. In other words, the priority is to get as many people to enroll in the literacy programs as possible. It is the magnitude not the number that matters. There are no follow ups in terms of the quality of education that is being imparted.

    A purely eyewash concept is breeding up on the grave of quality education which is throwing us away from the brightness of knowledge revolution. In the mad rush for improving the literacy statistics, India has lost sight of the importance of quality education. If India were to be scrutinized for imparting education to its multitudes, it would be score dismally below standards. At the onset of the new millennium there is mostly bad news from education front, for example dilapidated schools, de-motivated teachers, irresponsible management and powerless parents. A never-ending vicious cycle where frustration breed further hopelessness. There is an increase in literacy rates, but it is so slow and minimal that absolute magnitude of illiterate keeps rising every year. If the number are distressing, even worse is an all round deterioration in the quality of education.

    In other words along with quantity and spread of education among-st masses, quality has not kept at pace. On the contrary there has been shocking decline in standards. As far as the government is concerned it is the statistics about the spread of literacy that counts. But if education is a mean to learn skills and transform lives by bringing knowledge revolution then a substandard education is of little use. The bottom line – if the level of literacy learning is very low then very little use can be made out of that literacy. Thus the knowledge revolution can be achieved precisely by literacy with quality education as its main ingredient without which it is as good as food without salt. By merely increasing number of literate is not the actual remedy.

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