Dubai Nightlife in a number of Its Famous Bars

The progressive and bustling lifestyle Dubai enjoys is consummated by its vibrant and sprightly nightlife. Bars and nightclubs open their doors to locals and particularly to tourists to create their keep within the town as memorable as doable.

Indeed tourists will create the foremost of the trip to the present lovely and spirited emirate by spending the night away in one in every of its famous bars or nightclubs. Among the foremost frequented bars in Dubai are the Alamo Bar, the Bridges Bar, the Fairmont Cigar Bar, Carter’s restaurant Bar, and therefore the Atlantis Nightclub.

The Alamo Bar:

This bar may be a favorite hangout among locals and tourists alike. it’s simply accessible and is near the Abu Dhabi International Airport. The bar offers live entertainment, that is provided by its in-house Cuban band named the Costarena. The bar has a clear groovy ambiance, the results of the mixture of margaritas and Latino tunes. an evening during this bar will mean an nearly endless night of Samba and Salsa dancing.

The Bridges Bar:

Those who’ve been to the present bar swear the place looks to own a magnet that pulls night revelers to it. This bar is found at Sheikh Zayed Road, and adjoins the equally fashionable Fairmont Hotel. Beer and champagne are the standard drinks served here. A feature distinctive to the present bar is that the enchanting music played by its in-house musician on a piano. within this bar, the atmosphere is classy.

The Fairmont Cigar Bar:

This bar is taken into account one in every of the best bars in Dubai. it’s located on the 2nd floor of the Fairmont Hotel. A feature distinctive to the present bar is its walk-in humidor, presenting the bar’s exclusive assortment of cigars. Cigar lovers can have a good vary of decisions of the most effective in Cuban cigars here. The bar additionally serves a good vary of international cuisine.

Carter’s restaurant Bar:

This bar is exclusive for its Egyptian-themed interiors. it’s situated within the heart of the Wafi town. the luxurious views of Wafi Gardens from the bar’s open terrace never fail to entice guests to stay coming here. a good vary of drinks, starting from the strongest of beers to the oldest of wines, is obtainable here. Served during this bar are a number of the best French white wine varieties, together with Chardonnay, Riesling, and Sauvignon Blanc. The bar is additionally noted for its wide range of international cuisines.

The Atlantis Nightclub:

This bar is found on Sheikh Zayed Road, close to the arduous Rock restaurant. spirited music, mesmerizing lights and enjoyable drinks are the most options of this bar. Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for girls of all age. The bar offers a combination of jazz, rock, disco, R&B and techno music. a good vary of drinks and a comprehensive menu are likewise offered here.

Tourists who need to boost their night ventures in Dubai also can attempt a number of the opposite fashionable bars within the town. the opposite most frequented ones embrace the arduous Rock restaurant, the Peppermint Club, the Copacabana Nightclub, Irish Village, the Planetarium Nightclub, the Tropicana Night Club, and Jimmy Dix.

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