Discover The Most Asked Travel Questions Online.

As I gathered and compiled my research, I asked trending researchers from Google to reveal the most queried travel questions since the coming of the New Year. I found that the great majority of questions had to do about cities where travelers were vacationing. These cities included L.A., Miami, New Orleans, San Francisco, accommodation on Koh Samui and others. To spur on another year of fun, I put together the answers to the most asked questions that range from what you can put in the carry-on to the best ways to pack a suitcase.

1. Getting Cheap Flights
A free tool you can find online is Google flight search. With it you can easily compare cost with many airlines to see which the best value is, and how much you could save if you were willing to leave a day earlier or a day later than you first decided.

According to George Hobica of Google flights is indeed the best way to compare quickly and accurately. The exception to this is Southwest Airlines because it has its own proprietary planning calendar for low-fares.

If you are wanting to compare combinations of flight information that is somehow unusual, then may be a good option. Other ways to save on your travels is to choose early morning flights on holidays. Also, it is generally cheaper if you choose smaller airports that may be somewhat less conveniently located.

If you have destinations that you often fly on, then Airfarewatchdog lets you monitor low prices by setting an alert. Others online tools include those at or TripIt Pro which will give you a shout out if the price of a ticket reduces a certain amount such as a hundred dollars.

Sometimes when you get package deals from the online giants like Expedia, or Priceline or, it could help reduce the cost of the airline ticket.

2. Now that you have your low priced ticket and you are ready to go, you will want to know the best way to pack your suitcase. There are several ways you can consider packing it. Some like to roll their clothes, while others prefer to fold them. It is more and more common that people are choosing to put their clothes in a vacuum bag and removing all the air to get the maximum space available.

If you really want to learn more about great ways to pack a suitcase, you can find, that the famous Martha Stewart, shows online how she does it. There are also videos that show the U.S. military way of doing things. But I think the best way is to pack lightly.

My personal favorite and the suitcase I actually use is a Bric’s X-Bag folding duffel that is only 22-inches and weighs about as much as a pillow case. Many chose to put their shoes along the bottom, but I feel that putting them to one side helps to locate them quickly for after the plane lands.

I choose not to do the air removal bags. Instead, I simply fold or roll the clothes and line them beside my shoes. I use a zipper bag for my lingerie and put it in-between the piles of clothes. I then use dry-cleaning plastic bags for my dresses and skirts and fold them over just once and then lay them over the stacks. This works surprisingly well for preventing wrinkling of those clothes.

3. Now that you know how to pack, you should consider what you should pack. You may think you know the answer to this question, but before you decide, you should check, as some Cruise lines offer a list of recommended attire and a list of don’ts as well. The famous Royal Caribbean Int. has a substantial list of recommendations that include formal wear for those elegant nights out. On the list of don’ts are things like gear for martial arts and incense. CruiseCritic also gives travelers a list of recommendations to pack.

4. Are there certain days of the week that are cheaper? There is no certain day that is always cheaper than another. However, the weekdays will usually be lower in price than is the weekend. Those who travel on weekdays are typically business travelers, whereas the weekenders are casual travelers.

5. If you were asked if you wanted a hostel or a pension, would you know what to answer? These are terms for types of accommodations. In general, a hostel is designed for a young traveler that is wanting to rough it for a really cheap place to stay. This is used usually when the young person just needs a place to sleep and shower and leave. For this reason the accommodations are sparse and cheap.

A pension is a European bed and breakfast or boardinghouse. It is also usually very reasonably priced and may include a meal or two. With a pension it is likely you will share a bathroom while having a private bedroom area.

6. Is it safe to fly? We never hear the news report a safe day in the skies. But if something terrible happens we hear about it over and over for days. This leads some to be concerned about the safety of flying. The fact remains that flying is one of the safest forms of transportation and last year set the record for the safest year in aviation.

7. What are the best ways to book transfers? There are several ways to do this. You can do so with you resort or a tour operator as well as with your travel agent. These fees are sometimes included, but sometimes not.