Destiny – Xbox One Review

Destiny – Xbox One is undoubtedly one of the most hyped-up video games ever released. The rumors about the game’s development and marketing costs amounting to $500 million as well as the numerous hints, teasers and leaks have caused gamers across the globe to anxiously await the launch of this new online FPS. But has Destiny lived up to all the hype surrounding it? Here is an honest review of the game after several hours of gameplay.

The Bad:

The story is the game’s biggest downfall. Destiny is set in the faraway future in which a celestial body known as The Traveler has arrived on Earth, giving humans a power referred to as The Light and enabling them to colonize other planets of the Solar System. But after The Collapse, humans find themselves on the verge of extinction as alien races take over the entire universe. You play as a Guardian, part of a special force that defends the Earth from invaders.

This all sounds quite interesting, but the game fails to deliver the story in a compelling fashion. You complete missions and kill various enemies, but it’s hard to feel any sense of accomplishment when you don’t seem to know what’s going on. The narrative is simply uninteresting. You are going to probably skip the cinematics because it feels like all the dialogues are just getting in the way of the actual gameplay.

The missions are repetitive and can get boring real quickly. The first 10 hours will see you jumping from one planet to the next, finishing tasks that are basically the same thing. You are going to battle a horde of enemies that always seem to clamp together, requiring very little planning and strategy on your end.

Destiny also introduces a rather unique but often frustrating matchmaking system. You are matched with other players whom you can play with in completing missions. However, you don’t get to interact with players that are not matched to you. The matchmaking system in the Crucible mode is particularly annoying because it doesn’t seem to take into consideration huge gaps in character levels. Don’t be surprised if you are pitted in a match against level 20 players when you are only level 10.

The Good:

Character customization is one of the strengths of Destiny. You get to choose your character’s class, race and gender. A huge amount of customization options are available, making it very fun and easy to create the character exactly as you want it.

The game is also well-praised for its outstanding graphics. You will always find yourself marveling at the environment and animations. This is a huge plus because without such excellent attention to detail, the gameplay wouldn’t be as exciting especially considering the monotonous missions. The great music also contributes to the overall atmosphere of the game.

The actual gameplay is what makes Destiny a highly entertaining game. It has all the elements you would ever want in a first person shooter and the developers have done a great job at polishing all the gameplay mechanics. It is this aspect of the game that makes you want to keep coming back for more.

The Verdict:

Destiny – Xbox One is an extremely well-refined first-person shooter, making it arguably the best in the genre right now. Although it lacks in the story-telling department, the game still has a lot of potential and the existing problems can be fixed in future expansions.