Closure of Muscat Festival 2013

Concluded yesterday Muscat Festival 2013, which spanned over thirty days in an atmosphere of art, creativity and joy fingerprints and glamour  where the form of the festival panel panoramic varied the programs, activities and events of local, Arab and international.

Since its inception in the first day, saw the festival mass flow range in various locations of its activities many and varied, Amerat garden and the breeze in the various events associated, to Ream Park and Baranda, Beit Muzna and lecture hall at the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque.
The tune slogan “festival for all people” and the new format in its activities, with the objectives and dimensions consistent with the vision of Muscat Municipality in developed year after year. Which started in sync with the beginning of the new year and until yesterday evening to give new impetus to enrich the social and cultural life and stimulate tourism and economic development, as well as role entertainment taking place and after the local regional and international map of Arab and regional festivals.
And managed the festival throughout its that establishes events Omani Privacy global horizon and orientation, such as Tour of Oman and week Muscat Fashion and Food Festival Oman, where received media attention and wide, in addition to the Heritage Village Omani renewed Overlooking this year differently and attractive, integrates with the International Exhibition the character and traditional arts, which attracted some of the best craftsmen in the world have selected models of their business they make directly to the public has been the implementation of this event in cooperation with the Public Authority for Craft Industries.


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