Classrooms And Cellphones – Are They Compatible?

From all the phone applications that have been created so far, you would think an app for making the classroom and cellphones compatible should be available by now. But alas, the great debate still continues to creep into conversation and comparing the positives with the negatives only makes it harder. Should students be allowed to use cellphones in the classroom? The only way to find a good answer is to objectively look at both.

 All Those In Favor Of Cellphones

Let’s start with the the pro-cellphone campaign. The best argument seems to be that it could make the class more stimulating and interactive, with the hope that it will inspire the students to pay attention. They can be used as calculators and to connect to the internet to do research. Just think how easy it would be to eliminate the need for expensive textbooks if a central website had all the information.


There is also the issue of creating more safety, seeing as a hundred kids can notify the authorities if something bad happens. So, the overall argument is pretty valid and it’s no surprise why more and more people want it to be implemented, especially students.

Those Opposed

Unfortunately, there is another valid argument at the other end of the spectrum. What if the cellphones distract the students even more? Let’s face it, they are already distracting a lot of attention even when they are not allowed in the classroom. But the most prominent argument has to be based on the fear of simply getting lazy.

Consider for a moment how dependent we have become on technology over the past 20 years? It’s quite amazing when you think about it. But it’s also managed to let us slide when it comes to exercising the brain muscle. How many kids with instant access to Google would rather spend 60 seconds trying to REMEMBER the answer to a question they know? Very few, if any.

The Bottom Line

There are many more reasons you can list for both side, but for now it’s probably not the best thing to implement cellphones in the classrooms. They already dominate so much of our lives that it seems rather silly to use them in a place where physical interaction with your peers still takes place. Someday it could be a great thing to let them into the classroom, but now is not the time.