Why You Should Buy Zoom ZH1AP Handy Recorder Accessory Package

Zoom ZH1AP Handy Recorder Accessory Package introduction  has taken the world with a storm. This is a H1 handy recorder that features quality accessory you can rely on to make your H1 recording easier and perfect. The kit comes with a USB AC adapter, a padded shell, a mic clip adapter , and an adjustable tripod stand .


The windscreen of the recorder reduces the occurrence of breath, wind and any other popping sound as you record. It guarantees you a clearer audio field recording, podcast and dialogue.

The USB connector is an AC adapter that can be used to charge the H1 .The cable can easily be connected on your PC or Mac enabling you to easily transfer your files for editing and posting. When you are not near your computer, all you need to do is to plug your USB cable into the AC adapter and your H1 will start charging. The USB cable is 3 feet long but you can make it longer by buying an additional mini-USB to USB cable from electronic stores.

The Zoom ZH1AP Handy Recorder Accessory Package comes with an adjustable tripod stand compatible with H1. This is what makes it versatile in its function. The tripod height can be adjusted up and down as you wish using the twist knob.
To protect the recorder, there is a padded shell case that features a dual zipper and a carrying strap. This makes it easier to carry around and transport the H1 recorder.

H1 has a mic clip adapter that allows it to be attached to any standard mic stand. This enables one to easily set up the device during emergency. If you are a reporter, this is the handy recorder accessory package you should buy it guarantees you quality sound and delivers everything that was promised by the manufacturer. It is technologically advanced, compact and will give you service for a longer period of time. If you are a devoted Zoom H4 user, you will find the H1 brand better because it is easy to read the audio level. It is also packed with a lot of information on its small digital screen. The device provides the dates and the time on all the files. This is a unique feature that the H4 did not have.  The attractive case, the padded shell the strap that can be easily taken off puts H1 on top of the rest.

The Zoom ZH1AP Handy Recorder Accessory Package