“Apple” denies intention to reduce the price of “iPhone”

Apple denied the U.S. for electronic devices plans to launch new versions at discounted prices from their smart phones famous “iPhone.”Said company president Tim Cook, Apple will not offer new iPhone hardware cheap to just provide cheaper alternatives.

Cook confirmed that the company’s focus is on creating great products, “and will not make smart phones do not work in quality tests, he said, adding that” there are other companies do it, but we’re not well. “

The news magazine “Computer World” U.S. on its website for Cook as saying that Apple is now working to reduce the prices of older versions of phones iPhone, pointing out that this trend achieved success, stressing that the demand for copies of any iPhone 4 last December was greater than supply .

Cook pointed out that the lower the prices of older versions is one of the methods used by Apple to reach consumers interested in the question of price, explaining that it is not easy to achieve a balance between quality and price.

Cook confirmed that Apple has a wide range of growth in the smartphone market, noting that its market share did not decline in light of the intense competition.

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