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    anybody have any fake ID stories

    anybody have any fake ID stories

    I was in Wildwood, NJ last summer. it was august 15th or so. i was club hopping all over down there using my fake ID (i was 20 at the time). went to another club later that night around 1am to meet some more friends that were at that spot. Well being easily influenced we tried to get in (some of us of age and some of us, like me, not of age) We there was a bouncer at the door checking ID . looks at mine and says no way so i turn away thinking, ohh well she didn take my ID. i turn around walk about 10 feet and get surrounded by 10 Wildwood police officers. they wanted to see my ID so i said here : i gave them my real Pennsylvania ID and one cops asked the bouncer if that was the ID i shown and he said no so i gave up and gave them my fake ID. BUSTED!!!! got locked up and sat in a COLD ass cell all night with about 20 of my friends waiting at the station(they were all drunk and fcking with the cops) until the cops finally let me go but gave me a court date.

    Had to come back to Wildwood, NJ about a month later for the court appearance. The judge was a total dck and there was like 200 younger aged people there with me for all types of violations. i knew noone was getting away with anything that day.

    what happened? : He gave me a $500 fine and (here something funny) told me my New Jersey drivers license would be suspendid. i said OK? and left This funny thing is i don have a NJ drivers license i live in Philly PA. talk to some people and they told me don worry about it .

    I never paid the fine and have been receiving notices about every 3 months that my NJ license is still suspendid.(yea so what!!!! filltrustid.com !) and that i probably have a warrent out for my arrest in NJ.

    I really don care. i figure i don goto NJ that much anyways and when i do goto the shore next summer. someone else will drive, like my G/F

    When i was in university I started at 17, younger than my friends. 19 was age of drinking. I was born in 1978. I found that our student Id could be scratched on the 8 and, with a careful hand, turned into a 6 with scratching and the right pen. I did an AWESOME job with this and it worked great. Start of second year I did it again. I was the first one I knew of to try it in first year and apparently the word got out fast because the first day of school in second year the school pub was now actually checking for these. Like I said, my turning an 8 into a 6 was top notch, so the only way to tell was to actually scratch it with your fingernail. the bouncer caught me for it and the card was taken. I had no penalty served on me though thankfully.

    I have to say I was pissed at all the people I saw do this. Some had crappy jobs of 8 into 6, and worse yet some were totally scratching out the 7 (1977) and turning into 6 Piss poor jobs and they ruined it for those of us with any sort of skill!

    After this what worked well was my older brother canadian citizenship card. Though it was taken when he was about 14 and I was 18 at the time passing for a 21 year old it is valid ID and the picture looked damnwell like me. It got funny looks from people but it passed I gave it to my friend one time to hang on to and the sonofawhore left it in his pants when he got his laundry done. There went that ID. I was about 22 at the time. My friend was waiting in front of me as I showed the girl my ID and paid. Then he starts saying “John, don use that fake ID. filltrustid

    She even started questioning whether the picture OF ME was really me.

    This is actually a pretty funny fake ID story that happened to me not long ago. At the time I was only 19 (I am 22 now) and my sister gave me her old fake ID when she turned 21. It was pretty much flawless since my sister and I look very identical. The ID also ran through black lights and scanned. It worked EVERYWHERE. Liquor stores, clubs, bars, everywhere. No one ever hesitated it or ever questioned me about it. However, one night I went to an “A Fresh Market” to grab something to eat with a friend and two cases of beer. I went to the non self check out counter (like always) and put the beer and everything on the counter and showed the clerk my ID after she asked me if she could see it. She looked at it and for a second and the first time while I had this ID someone finally asked me “what is your birth date?” I knew the month and day because it was my sisters original birthday but I literally spaced out on the year. So I froze and guessed a number to the best of my ability. And of course she said it was wrong. She was so confused as what to do I told her that she could keep it but I still wanted to pay for my food. She asked me “is anything on here true?” and I said no (which was true. NEVER use your real info on the ID just so they cant look you up.) She told me to wait a minute and she went to the back room in the grocery store and called a manager or security or something to the counter over the intercom of the store. Now my friend came up to me after he checked out with his stuff (He was 24 at the time) and asked me what was wrong because my face looked a little flushed and I told him she found out it was a fake ID. Hahah he asked me “do you want to run” and I said “should we run?” and he responded “we should probably run” hahah I wasn going to wait for the security guard or manager to come and chew my ass if I had to opportunity to dip especially when the door was right there and there was hardly anyone in the store. So my friend and I just walked normally outside the door of the grocery store and as soon as we got outside we booked it to my car and left. When we were leaving the parking lot I even turned around and no one was out there looking for me or anything haha. So a few tips when it comes to getting a fake ID and passing it off well:

    1. NEVER use your real name. I recommend putting only your real first name so if you are somewhere in the bar or store and someone addresses you by your real name during your purchase, scannable fake ids you won get busted.

    2. Use your real birthdate but just change the year. If you don use your real birthday make sure you do some research on your astrological sign (I heard of some bouncers ask people what their “sign” is) Plus your birthday is easy to remember.

    3. For safety measures MAKE SURE YOU KNOW ALL THE INFO ON YOUR ID. Fake address and everything. People WILL take you by surprise and you just wanna always prepare for the worst but expect the best.

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    anybody have any fake ID stories

    anybody have any fake ID stories I was in Wildwood, NJ last summer. it was august 15th or so. i was club hopping all over...

    anybody have any fake ID stories

    anybody have any fake ID stories I was in Wildwood, NJ last summer. it was august 15th or so. i was club hopping all over...

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