Android Smartphone vs. Tablet

The saying that Android is the best mobile operating system platform, finally comes true, with more than 50% of market share, Android is surpassing the sales of Apple’s iPhone eventually.  The popularity of android forcing Smartphone and tablet manufacturers to create devices with android operating system, even though the Smartphone market is considered the most popular; the tablet market popularity is gradually rising as well. Tablet is something new even to android, Google has to spend a version dedicated to tablet (android 3.x) because the android 2.x can’t handle the size and display of tablet, but all problems is solved now because android operating system nowadays is compatible with both type of device. Tablet’s popularity is rising because of a number of factors. A recent survey said that while most Android users now choose the tablet over Smartphone, some still prefer using Smartphone due to the size of the device. So which one is better for you? Let’s take a look at some aspects of them and compare.

1. Web browser.
Tablets provide a better web browsing experience than Smartphones. Tablet has a larger keyboard space and browser application such as Firefox and Opera work feel more like a desktop than mobile platform.

2. Calls and social networks
If you use your Smartphone primarily to make or receive calls, a Smartphone is a more suitable option for you than the tablet. The size and the handiness of Smartphone makes every call is more comfortable. The choice is also the same if you are highly involved in social media. The more frequent you log in to your Facebook, Twitter or Path, the more you need to buy an Android smartphone. Smartphone is relatively small; you can easily take them in and out from your pocket.

3. Watch movies
The winner is obvious here, Android tablets provide far better movie watching experience. This is surely because of the larger screen size. The bigger the screen the better, with tablet you can watch a movie or two without stressing your eyes.

4. Play games
According to a mobile analyst, the main purpose of a tablet is to provide a better gaming experience. Tablet is a great device for playing mobile games, console and PC gaming do not count. This is why many game developers make their games tablet friendly. Device manufacturers are also concentrated in developing gaming tablets.
5. Portability
Again, this is the primary reason why people choose the Android smartphone over the tablet, the portability. Tablets need to be carried in bags or larger case; smartphones on the other hand can easily fit inside your pocket.

If we talk about the overall performance, Android tablets and smartphones perform almost equally when it comes to performance and the ability to complete daily task. Mobile devices performance cannot be compared to laptop or desktop performance. So choose wisely, which one suit you better? It can be Smartphone or tablet or neither of them.