An Insider’s Guide on How to Identify Fake Profiles on Facebook

An Insider’s Guide on How to Identify Fake Profiles on Facebook

There have been so many instances when people have been lured by fake profile users only to get disappointed later. Not only this, but many fake profiles have also rendered emotional harm to people by spreading their personal photos on sleazy websites.

There have also been instances where the people behind the fake profiles have even abetted others to commit suicide by resorting to bullying and blackmailing. It is even riskier, if teenagers are handling their Facebook accounts, as they easily fall prey to these impostors.

There are a few impostors who will craftily prepare a profile that will look exactly like a real one to deceive you and many others. However, hope is not lost. By acting like a detective and investigating the requests before adding them, you can easily find out if an account is fake or real. The information may be blown out of proportion in some cases. Study his other profiles to understand if the account is genuine.

Phone Number

You may also find that a phone number may be on a free display for all. Give it a thought. In the wake of increasing number of cyber crimes, a girl will rarely make her phone number available to all. best fake id

Birth Date

One of the easiest ways is to verify if an account is fake or not is by checking their birth date. Many of the fake accounts have the default date of 01/01. This will give you a clue about the person.

See the kind of pages they have liked in their interest section. Hence, most of the time, they will give their status as “single.”

Interested in Both Sexes

According to a study conducted by the Barracuda Networks about fake Facebook profiles, approximately 60% of fake profile owners claim to be bisexual. Also, 97% claim to be a female. This can give you a clue if the profile is fake or not.

Many times, you will find that the profile pictures of such accounts have ‘too good to be true’ pictures of male and female models. Many times, these pictures look airbrushed and professional. This can tell you that the account may be fake. Also, the persons faking their identity may put up photos of skimpily clad people in order to grab your attention. If you come across such a profile, reject the request right away.

No Profile Pictures

There are fakers who do not put up any profile photo. This can also tell you that the profile is fake or else you would have been able to see their profile picture.

Random Profile Pictures

Another trick that these impostors use is that they put up random profile pictures of things, sceneries, animals, etc. In such cases, you can view all their profile photos and check for more photos with the same face. Mostly, you will only find a single profile picture. This means that their profile picture will be grainy and pixelated. This is also an indication that the profile may be fake.

Normal Profile Pictures

If there is a normal profile picture, you can use the Google Image Search option as mentioned below or even check the name on Google Search to determine if the ID is fake. You will also find minimum personal photos of the person in the profile with his family or friends. scannable fake ids


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