Amazon Fire HD 6 Review

A few days back my 8 years old nephew asked me to buy a tablet for him. He needed it for playing games and capturing photos and videos with his friends, mostly at school parties. So, I began searching for a low cost and good quality tablet with some great new features. One day one of my friends suggested me Amazon Fire HD 6.

The price of Amazon Fire HD 6 is $99.99 , which is a very good price for all the features it has.First thing that struck me was the powerful parental control options. It allows creation of unique profiles for all the members of the family. That includes 2 different profiles for adults and 4 different profiles for children, with these profiles in effect ,each family member can have personalized settings for himself. Settings include email accounts , social accounts , home screen carousal , saved games. Everyone in a family can use it with their own accounts and settings without disturbing another members settings and daily use things. Adults can use their own accounts instantly without having to log in and log out everytime they use the device. While children can enjoy their games with their own scores and saved games. Another useful capability that parental control settings provide is , Parents can set the daily time limit of usage for their children, or can restrict certain games and apps. While restricting certain apps and games, parents can also allow their children to read books for unlimited time. Family members can also share photos, videos, books and audio books through family library.Fire HD 6 also provides free access to thousands of amazon apps and games.

The technical specifications of Amazon fire HD 6 are good value for money. It has two cameras , the primary rare end camera is HD 2 MegaPixel , with an ability of capturing 720p HD video. The secondary front end camera is a VGA is used for taking quick selfies and doing video calls like Skype calls. It has a 6 inches screen with 1280 x 800 resolution. The brightness of the screen is low as compared to the previous models. It comes with a quad core processor with upto 1.5 Ghz. The build quality of this device is very good , it has a weight of 290g. The internal storage is though very limited , it comes with 8 GB or 16 GB internal memory , but it also provides unlimited amazon cloud storage for photos taken with the device. Free unlimited Amazon Cloud Drive storage is provided with it. The operating system is Fire OS4, which is an enhanced version of android. OS4 is deeply integrated with Amazon Cloud. Battery lasts for 8 hours with continous usage like watching videos, playing gamesĀ  , listening music , surfing the web and reading books. Last but not the least it comes with 5 appealing colors to influence different genders and cultures. Black, White, Cobalt, Magenta, Citron colors are a combination of hot and cool colors to positively interact with human perceptions.