A Review of Excelerol’s Focus+ Nootropic Supplement

Many people have trouble remembering important facts or things they need to do for the day. Others struggle to concentrate on important tasks that need to be accomplished. Poor nutrition could be the source of these problems. While many have focused on supplements to protect heart or bone health, most have neglected to feed their mind. To fill this gap, Excelerol has created the powerful mind enhancing supplement, Focus+.

Focus+ belongs to a new class of supplements known as nootropics, which are designed to enhance the functioning of the brain. It is made from all natural ingredients shown in clinical studies to help boost mental acuity. Specifically, the supplement has efficacy in improving memory, concentration, alertness, and focus.

Phosphatidyl serine is a phosopholipid that is one of the active ingredients in Focus+. Phospholipids form the membranes separating the contents of a cell from the rest of the body and also help to conduct signals from one cell to the next. Phosphatidyl serine, specifically, is one of the most important components used to facilitate signaling across nerves in the brain. If blood levels of this important building block are impaired, then the signalling pathways will function less efficiently, potentially resulting in mental haze that affects the day to day life of a person. Studies have shown that supplementing with phosphatidyl serine can help improve memory, particularly in people suffering age specific memory impairment.

Vinpocetine is also a key ingredient of the Focus+ formula. It has been called the “Mental Viagra” for its effectiveness is boosting mental acuity. It is derived from Voacanga seeds and works by increasing the levels of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in brain cells. ATP is essentially the fuel that facilitates cellular metabolism, and by increasing it, the brain gets an energy boost. The substance also helps to increase blood circulation and oxygen in the brain. It can also increase the supply of important brain neurotransmitters.

Huperzine is another key component of Focus+. It comes from Chinese Club Moss (Hyperzia serrata) and is an enzyme inhibitor that has been used in the treatment of mental disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease in China for several decades. It is also known to help improve memory. Its use had been limited due to the sparse supplies of the underlying moss; however, chemists have now been able to synthesize it in the lab to make it more affordable for the average person.

Other active ingredients include vitamin B12, niacin, green tea, coffee bean extract, peppermint extract, and ginkgo biloba extract. Focus+ comes in a 60 capsule bottle which is produced at an FDA certified facility. The dosing regimen is convenient at one capsule per day to produce a rapid improvement in cognitive function. The manufacturer also provides a 100% money back guarantee, underlying their confidence in the efficacy of the product.

For those who suffer from a mental fog, inability to concentrate, or poor memory, Excelerol’s Focus+ could be the product that helps to jump start their mental function.

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